These lessons will be suitable for you if you don’t want to do an exam or perhaps have already passed an exam and want to continue to speak good English. It is easy to lose the ability to speak a language you have previously learned if you don’t continue to use if. Most often one lesson a week is sufficient to keep your English fluent.

After an initial meeting where Mary will discuss the topics you want to work on, she will write out a brief course outline which can be flexible if you later decide you want to work more on specific areas of topics. You can use a course book if you want to but this is often not necessary.

Spoken English for young learners

If you are taking lessons it is likely that your child may want to be included and have a lesson too. Half an hour is the best amount of time as children have a lower attention span that adults and speaking lessons are quite intensive. Mary will send pictures for the child to discus, so using English that has been taught at school in a spoken context. It goes without saying that as lessons are on Skype you will need to be present while the lesson is going on, so often weekends are the best time as the child is relaxed and the parent will have more time available. After the lesson Mary will ask you to see that the child repeats the spoken English either looking at the picture or speaking about things in the home or outside environment. This can be fun for both the parent and child.




‘Antonio Bonsignore, 45 years old, Entrepreneur, Milan, Italy

I didn’t study English at school when I was young, but I self-studied later with cassettes and some private lessons.

However it was difficult to speak English and understand what colleagues said during international meetings.

I needed a systematic learning oriented to grammar, speaking and listening as well.

I got in touch with Mary in 2007 to be prepared for  FCE on Skype;

With Mary as my English teacher I passed FCE after some months and  normally speak English in international meetings/calls/events today.

My first son, 11 years old, has been attending Mary’s lessons on Skype with my help for 5 years to achieve a more advanced English than English he studies at school.

His results are excellent.’


Antonio Bonsignore is the director of – Easy and safe authentication to pay and log in by common smartphones:



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