IELTS English £20 an hour or £160 for ten x one hour lessons.
FCE, CAE, CPE £20 per hour or £160 for ten x one hour lessons
Speaking lessons £160 for ten x one hour lessons.
20 lessons £300 for all courses – students taking more than two hours a week (so this works out at £15 an hour
Young learners £40 for 5 x half an hour speaking


GCSE (years 10 and 11) £25 p/h £100 for 5
AS /A £25 per hour, £100 for 5
Essay writing £25 per hour or £100 for 5 lessons
 Presentation Skills  £100 for course of  4 one hour lessons
Poetry critiques £8 a poem or £20 for three then £5 for each additional poem after that.
Poetry Introduction – Free Verse/Form £95 via correspondence


Please note all courses must be paid by cheque or Paypal in advance.
* Courses must be taken within six months and are non refundable. The above prices are for lessons taken on Skype or one to one at Mary’s home in Shoreham by Sea. There will be an additional charge for visiting.

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