Are you new to writing poetry or are you an experienced poet who wants to improve your skills at writing both free verse and a range of forms? In either case you will benefit from this course. There are 5 units covering the following:

  • 1, Introduction to the course. The villanelle
  • 2, Haiku – Acrositc poem
  • 3, Traditional sonnet forms – Modern sonnets
  • 4, The ode
  • 5, Free verse

The units will consist of looking at and considering the work of established poets, writing exercises and writing poems with feedback and support.

At the end of the course the learner will have an understanding of the above forms and free verse and how to use them appropriately. Also, a finished collection of at least 5 longer poems or more if you write shorter poems.


Currently available via e mail / Skype.  Please contact Mary for more information.

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