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As a child I used to write poetry and my interest in this came back when I went to university as a mature student.  After taking the English BA, where I studied Creative Writing as part of the course, I progressed to do the Creative Writing MA at University College Chichester and submitted poetry for the dissertation. Since then I have had two poetry books published and have worked as a tutor on writing courses for two well-known colleges, Home Study at Writers Online and the Open College of the Arts.

Poetry writing is a hobby that interests people from a wide range of backgrounds and of differing ages. I find this work very interesting and rewarding as the topics and styles vary enormously depending on the writer. When giving feedback it is important to consider what the writer aims to convey to the reader and build on this. When writing the critiques I aim to be as specific as possible with the feedback, outlining clearly what works well about the poem and which areas need working on.

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