How To Write A Winning Poem

In this book I aim to help you write poems that stand out from the crowd.  Having been judging my own poetry competitions for several years now I have put together my observations of why some poems make it to the top of the listings and others don’t.   The book is a fairly short guide which includes some basic points about poetry writing as well as how to make your writing individual.  Here is the image of the book on Amazon.


The Moon The Waves And The Breeze

This is my earlier collection of poetry, written mainly whilst I was doing my MA. The poems tend to focus on images of the English coastline, which was my theme for the dissertation, but there are also some about animals and gardens. I have generally written nature poetry but one poem, Merry-go-round, is a fictitious account of the speaker seeing ghost children in a fairground on the way home from work. This poem was published as one of the top five poems on the Forward Press website in 2008 and can still be viewed there. The poem The Day Is White, was a winning entry in the Leaf Books competition in the spring of 2007 and I went on use this poem as the title of my next book, where it is also included.



Developing Creative Ideas For Seascape Poems

The book covers writing poems about the sea, beaches, ships, boats, harbours and sea creatures. There is also a unit on revising your poems. There are a range of exercises and photographs to inspire you. The focus is on developing creative ideas but there are also some tips on poetic technique to help you write your poems to a high standard. I offer a five unit course by e mail or correspondence to accompany this book.  Here is an image of the book, as it appears on Amazon.





Jaws – Short Study Guide

This is a short guide to studying the movie , Jaws , at GCSE level. I wrote this for my own students when I found there were not many resources available when I was teaching them for their exams. I have had people all over the world buy this book. It is short and to the point and sets students on the right track to study this film and others.



Swans and other poems

A collection of poems many set in coastal locations although there are some about inland areas, some with Gothic images, a few about relationships and even some taken from ideas gained on a trip to visit my family in Australia. Also included are two micro fiction pieces and the collection has been revised to include the short story Topiary, in which a young journalist goes back in time, meets Henry V111 and chats with Princess Mary at a banquet.



The Day Is White

This is a collection of poetry, published as a result of winning the Indigo Dreams Summer Collection Competition 2009.




The Day is White


From early, when light

mist blows on shore

over magnolia cottages.


And when the starched

triangle of a yacht sets

sail on frothy waves.


Overcast, the sun

is like a giant snowball

behind net curtain


and the stark chalk cliff

looms above sand

washed colourless.


Later, surfers leave

a pale, high-sided van

in the beach car park


and struggle down

the limestone path,

holding ivory boards.


Nearby, a shimmer of

gulls lifts from bleached

rocks, screaming.


On the hill, the cricket

field, where two teams

are watched by rows


of cream dressed wives

that sit on benches

still as china dolls,


behind them, boys

surround the kiosk

in search of vanilla cones


and girls, in a circle,

string daisies into

necklaces and crowns.


All this, before the sun

breaks from fluffy

cloud and hangs


like a lump of boiling

rock salt, melting white

over sea and shore and land.



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