Results of the May 2015 competition are as follows:


1st    Shirley Anne Cook       Sandstorm

2nd      Andy Fawthrop         Transit of Venus

3rd   Seamus Harrington     THE LIGHTHOUSE

4th    Tim Harvey       The Birds

5th  Noel King      The Bog Pool





Khamseen-driven sand swirls

and eddies on the balcony.

Every day I sweep and clean.

House-proud. It is the enemy.

The fine red dust seeps into drawers

and mattresses, piles deep in corners,

stains the filigree nets.

It penetrates the darkest orifices.

Rivulets of sweat run down my face.

I will not be beaten.


Soon I must wash my matted hair,

rinse the gritty grains from my mouth

and tend my scoured skin.

Then the ‘dutiful wife’ will serve

hot sweet tea in glass cups,

replenish gurgling water pipes,

become ‘Scheherazade’ again.


But I have planned my escape.

Friday at prayer time

I’ll take a taxi by the date grove –

they always wait there.

Then shaking the sand from my clothes

I will quietly leave,






Winners have been notified.   The site will be updated shortly to include the winning poems and those who nearly arrived in the top 5.







£100 first     £25 runner up.   Winners published on my site.

Easy to enter –

To enter the May 2015 competition,  please send your poems as one  Word attachment (including their titles) .  Also send a cover sheet listing your name,  titles and your contact details, so one e mail and two documents, one for the poems and one for the cover sheet please.  Send these to   ( any problems you can contact me by a text message to 07792 898353.

Pay by Paypal, either by using the form below OR you can send the payment to the Paypal e mail   I also accept cheques posted by 15 May at the latest.  Please ask for the address to send poems and cheques to if you don’t want to use e mail and Paypal.

Plugin Service Payment :


May Poetry Competition 2015
Deadline: 15 May 2015
Poems must be the entrant’s own work and not have been published, self published, published on a website or broadcast

Judge: Mary Charman-Smith

Prizes,1st £100, and the runner up will receive £25

Entry one poem £4, three poems £9, five poems £12

Poems can have a maximum of 45 lines, which will not include the title.

Poems must be the entrant’s own work and not have been published, self published, published on a website or broadcast. They may not have previously received a written critique from the judge.

Entries must be in English. They can be on any subject and in any style or poetic form.

Entries cannot be returned, fees cannot be refunded and alterations cannot be made once entries have been submitted.

Attached entries must not have the writer’s name or identifying marks but all the information required in the entry form must be submitted at the time of sending them.

No correspondence can be entered into as the Judge’s decision is final.

Acceptance of the rules is implied by entry.

Entrants who do not comply with the entry rules will be disqualified.

You will receive an email from the competition administrator letting you know that the poems have been delivered safely and an immediate payment receipt from Paypal.

Entrants will receive notification of winners via the e mail address from which the entry was submitted unless they request otherwise at the time of submission.

A list of prize winners and short listed entries will be published on this webpage within a month of the closing date, 15/11/2014.

Please see you keep a copy of your work as entries will not be returned.

I look forward to receiving and reading your work.



Thank you for your interest in my competition.

I would like to thank the New Zealand Poetry Society for regularly listing my competitions on their site.


See also my book   How To Write A Winning Poem   available on Kindle this contains by observations of what makes a poem stand out from the others and become a winner.   Please check out the books section on this site.





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