GCSE English Language and/or Literature

There are a variety of ways that Mary can prepare you for GCSE English Language and/or Literature:

You can prepare with one to one lessons, either taken face to face in the Sussex area (extra charge for petrol if Mary visits you, rather than you visiting), on Skype or a mixture of face to face and Skype depending on your location and requirements.

Mary can also support students taking GCSEs at school with one to one tutoring (Skype or Face to Face).Mary has helped students studying for a range of examination boards for over ten years, so whichever board you are following Mary has the experience to give you top class support. Importantly, you will work on example questions, so that you are well prepared. With GCSE support, good progress can often be made in a relatively short time. In the case of younger students, and depending on their maturity and commitment, Mary will ask parents to monitor lessons and see that the student keeps to any revision plan that has been agreed. Frequently students don’t know what will be expected of them in the exam. An understanding of this and working on related tasks can make all the difference to results. Tutoring face to face is also available from KS2.

Please note that if you are at school Mary will need to speak to your parent or guardian about the lessons before you start, so ask them to get in touch.


As A level English Language, Literature and/or Creative Writing Support

By A level you will have developed a much more mature attitude to study than at GCSE, so Mary will expect you to have self motivation to do set tasks. English Literature sometimes seems overwhelming with the amount of reading you need to do. Mary can meet you on Skype or face to face to revise the books, so that you know them thoroughly before you sit the exam. Mary is now also offering support for the new AQA Creative Writing A level course. A levels are vital to your life progression after you finish at college, for example for work or university entry, so it is worthwhile taking lessons to improve your results.

For support of both GCSE and As A level, written tasks will be set as homework and the price of the lesson includes the reading fee. Feedback will be given in the following lesson.


Maths and Numeracy tutor

Julia Davidson

Flexible times… Skype lessons available, anywhere.

Julia provides a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to build up their confidence in Maths.

In particular some students have difficulty concentrating at school and have benefited from her one-to-one support

for learning in terms of increased confidence and critical skills leading to satisfaction with their exam performance.

Julia is prepared to teach for GCSE as well as the Scottish exams.

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