Essay writing is an important skill and one that is often overlooked by schools and colleges. To write a good essay is vitally important if you want to show the examiner what you know and get the best out of your course. Mary will teach you the skills you need to write a good essay whether for coursework of examination. Whatever subject you are studying you can expect to improve your grade by writing well.

A reading is included in the price of the lessons, so that you can send an essay or piece of written work to Mary before the lesson and she will have time to look at it. Feedback will generally be given in the lesson with the focus on what is good and bad about the work, so that you will be able to build on the feedback when you write the next essay.

After an initial meeting on Skype  or contact by e mail /phone in which Mary will discuss your time plan and what level you are working towards, Mary will ask you to do a short piece of written work before the course starts, so that she can see your current level.

These lessons can be via Skype or e mail.

Please note, this is not an essay writing service as you will be expected to produce the essay or essays for yourself.

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